Best Under Budget Smartwatches To Buy in 2021

As we talk in previous blog about Top best smart watches companies in India but those are pretty expensive to afford. So, in this blog we talk about some Best and cheapest smart watches in India (2021) with their reviews and specifications for you to learn better about Best budget smart watches which mostly people can afford. Our focus is to review those products that people love to buy and can afford them.

  •  We made this list based on our personal opinion and try to list them based on their price-quality durability and more.

  • There are so many options on the market and you don’t know which will be the best for you and your needs.

  • Well we break down the top 5 affordable smart watches in the market this year based on their performance, quality, pros and cons etc.

  • So in case you're keen on discovering which Smartwatch will be the best for you stay tuned.

   Honor Magic    Watch 2
    Noise Colorfit       Pro 2

Top 5 Best and Cheapest smartwatches in India 2021


1- Honor Magic Watch 2


Honor is gradually extending its market beyond smart phones, and launched it's second gen smartwatch, the Honor Magic Watch 2, in India. The Honor Magic Watch 2 looks premium without being excessively overwhelming on the wallet. 

The Honor Watch Magic 2 is to a greater extent a shrewd friend than a smartwatch. Be that as it may, in the event that you look for dependable wellness following the perfect measure of savvy usefulness, the wearable puts forth a decent defense for itself. 

The Honor Watch Magic 2 is the organization's subsequent endeavor to combine a wellness wearable with a brilliant buddy. In that capacity, it improves the plan with an increasingly rich look.The Honor Magic 2 has two variation 46 mm and 42 mm, But Honor didn't improve its abilities radically contrasted with the past age, from the structure to the battery life, there are important upgrades that should make it speaking to existing clients, just as anybody searching for a sensibly evaluated wearable that covers the basics.

Presently Look at the brisk Specifications of Honor Magic Watch 2:


  • OS:                           Android

  • Compatibility:         iOS

  • Display:                   1.39” OLED

  • Processor:                Huawei

  • Band Sizes:              46 mm & 42 mm

  • Onboard Storage:   4GB

  • Battery Duration:    14 days Battery life

  • Water resistance:    Yes

  • Sensors:                   Accelerometer sensor, Gyroscope sensor, Geomagnetic Heart rate sensor,                                               Ambient light sensor

  • Charging Method:  Wireless

  • Connectivity:           Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, NFC

  • Release Date:         December, 2019



  • Long Battery life

  • Impressive fitness tracking

  • Accurate and fast GPS

  • Sleek design



  • No NFC

  • No support for third party apps

  • Attracts dust

  • 46 mm model is bulky

2- Lenovo Carme


The wearable market is developing as smartwatches and wellness groups are steadily turning into the current accomplishment of advantageous tech. In an offer to seek after a more beneficial way of life, clients are progressively keen on purchasing fitness wearables that go inseparably with cell phones. While Apple is right now ruling the premium smartwatch section, Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo are dealing with the spending space in showcase as Best and Cheapest Smart watches which individuals can bear. Lenovo is likewise offers the spending wellness wearable space in the market. 

Lenovo carme looks like nearly Fitbit versa as it have square molded presentation. Organization utilizes elastic lash for the smartwatch as it feels way too childish at some parts.Now let's take a quick look on specifications of Lenovo Carme:


  • Os:                             iOS

  • Compatibility:          Android

  • Display:                     1.3” IPS color

  • Processor:                 Lenovo

  • Band size :                Regular

  • Battery life:              Upto 7 days

  • Water resistance:    Yes

  • Sensors:                    Accelerometer sensor, Gyroscope sensor, Fitness tracking, Heart rate sensor.

  • Charging method:   USB cable

  • Connectivity:           Bluetooth 4.2

  • Release date:           14th September, 2019



  • Attractive design

  • IP 68 deep waterproof

  • Fitness tracker feature

  • No GPS



  • No ECG+PPG

3- Huawei GT 2


The company propelled the Watch GT early a year ago, and there's currently a replacement called the Watch GT 2. Shockingly, this watch packs in more highlights however is estimated lower. The new smartwatch have 14 days of battery life and has a speaker flame broil between the two catches that will permit you to accept approaches the watch itself. 

Watch GT was known for its long battery life and incredible structure, yet additionally for its laggy and restricted interface. The Watch GT 2 is a clear positive development. 

Huawei offers the Watch GT 2 of every two sizes; 42 mm and 46 mm. the structure is somewhat unique for the two variations. The littler one looks a great deal like a plain packaging same as Samsung world watch dynamic, while the greater variation has stamped numbers around the bezel that give it a sportier look. 

The Huawei Watch GT 2 has two catches on the correct side. These are stretched out outside a lot however are anything but difficult to press and offer great material criticism. The upper catch is to return in the User interface, while the lower one can be appointed to any element on the smartwatch. Between these two catches is the speaker grille, which isn't anything but difficult to spot.Now let's discuss about the Specifications of Huawei Watch GT 2:


  • Os:                           Huawei lite OS

  • Compatibility:        Android

  • Display:                   1.6” OLED

  • Processor:                Huawei

  • Storage:                    4GB

  • Band size :               22mm

  • Battery life:              14 days (46 mm) | 7 days (42 mm)

  • Water resistance:    Yes

  • Sensors:                    Accelerometer sensor, Gyroscope sensor, Fitness tracking, Optical heart                                          rate sensor.

  • Charging method:   USB C pin based charging puck

  • Connectivity:           Bluetooth 5.1, NFC

  • Release date:            September, 2019


  • Stylish and classic design

  • Amazing battery life

  • Water resistant

  • Easy to use



  • Lack of WiFi

  • No wireless charging

  • lack of variety of watch faces

  • No support for third party apps

4- Noise Colorfit Pro 2


ColorFit PRO 2 is the second era of our most well known smartwatch, the ColorFit Pro. 

In this new form, the ColorFit PRO 2 makes a big appearance an up-to-date new plan and astonishing 1.3" full touch shading show. 

Presently it additionally includes total well-being and movement following 9 games modes: walk, run, climb, bicycle, treadmill,work-out, climb, turn and yoga. ColorFit PRO 2 can show call, text and web based life notifications, control music playback and some more. 

Clamor Colorfit Pro 2 has show for applications and different elements of the smartwatch. On the wear-capacity side, this smartwatch weighs 35 grams. It has different highlights like Waterproof, Rectangular Dial Design and so on. 

Presently basically simply take a look at some more Specifications of Noise Colorfit Pro 2:


  • Compatibility:        Android & iOS

  • Display:                   1.3” LCD

  • Storage:                  4GB

  • Band size :             22mm

  • Battery life:            10 days

  • Water resistance:  Yes

  • Sensors:                  Pedo meter, Optical heart rate monitor, calorie, step count

  • Connectivity:          Bluetooth 5.1, NFC

  • Release date:          15th October, 2019


  • Great battery life

  • Water resistance

  • Premium design

  • Light weight


  • Touch doesn't respond sometimes

5- Fossil sport Smart Watch


Fit for each style-this ultra-lightweight 41mm Sport smartwatch highlights a dark silicone tie, lets you track your pulse, track your exercise (in any event, swimming), redo your dial and that's only the tip of the iceberg. 

Smartwatches fueled with Wear OS by Google are good with iPhone and Android telephones. Touchscreen smartwatches controlled with Wear OS by Google require a telephone running Android OS 4.4+ (barring Go release) or iOS 9.3+. Bolstered highlights may shift between platforms.Product ought to be gotten more than 20cm far from embedded clinical gadgets to limit potential for RF obstruction. 

From racing to yoga (and that's only the tip of the iceberg), this smartwatch measures pulse naturally during a workout.Wash your hands, hop into the shower or hit the pool unafraid. Your smartwatch will be free from any danger. 

Trade your dial to coordinate your state of mind or customize select watch faces with your most loved Facebook or Instagram photographs. This watch is perfect with every single 18mm lash, to coordinate your style. Here's the specifications of Fossil Sport Smartwatch:


  • compatibility: Android & iOS

  • Display: 1.2” AMOLED

  • Processor: Qualcom snapdragon

  • Storage: 512 MB

  • Band size : 31 mm

  • Battery life: 24 hours

  • Water resistance: Yes

  • Sensors: Heart rate monitor, Calorie, step count, Fitness tracking

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, NFC and WiFi

  • Release Date: 19th March, 2019


  • Stylish design

  • Runs on qualcom snapdragon processor

  • Accurate fitness tracking


  • Poor battery life

  • New processor doesn’t make any difference in performance